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Realizing your design vision on any construction project calls for clear objectives and plenty of creativity. It’s the only way your client’s building will make its mark.

Behind that creative engine are the critical documents and data management that complement your drawings and put everything on paper in an organized, clear, concise fashion to create clarity for your project.

That’s where we come in.

For more than 50 years, Construction Specifications, Inc. has served as a trusted, valuable partner to architectural firms. We provide the highest-quality, most accurate, on-time architectural specifications consulting services in the business. Our highly experienced team has written construction specifications for more than $50 billion worth of private and public construction projects across the globe.

Focus on making a statement with your design. Leave the all-too-important documentation to us.

Customized Tech Solutions

Some consultants try to wow you with their latest and greatest technology solution to manage the architectural specs connected to your project.

We’re not one of them.

At Construction Specifications, Inc., we customize our technology approach to what best suits your team. That means adapting to your platform or finding one that works best for everyone involved.

Constant Collaboration

Tap us for your project, and you’ll see how we align ourselves with your team from the start.

As your designated construction specifier, we learn how you work – what’s important to you, your approach, your style. And we sync up with all of it, making sure our highly skilled practitioners are working side by side with yours to make it all happen.

Industry Intelligence

Our depth of experience and deep industry connections become your asset when we work with you. We maintain relationships with building materials manufacturers and always stay up to date on available products and new innovations, ones that may prove to be the optimal solution for the design challenge before you.

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