Architectural Specification Services

Construction Specifications, Inc. provides architectural specification services to architects nationwide. Based out of NJ, we serve a verity of industries and agencies including; residential, commercial, educational, governmental, medical, ecclesiastical, museum/fine arts, and specialty retailers. Our architectural specification services include consulting and technical support to architects in order to deliver clear, correct, complete, and concise specifications. These specifications complement the architectural drawings and contribute to coordinated contract documents that help produce a high-quality project reflecting the architect's vision and design intent.

As the task of preparing contract documents becomes increasingly complex, architects are relying on us to prepare their architectural specifications just as they depend on other consultants, such as structural and mechanical engineers, to prepare their documents as part of a comprehensive construction document package.

We are an architectural specifications consulting organization headquartered in New Jersey devoted to the preparation of accurate and concise specifications produced in an accurate and timely manner. Our fully qualified technical staff has extensive experience as specialists using the latest industry accepted techniques.

Architectural Specification Services

Our architectural specification firm based in NJ employs sophisticated computer systems to ensure that each specification is tailored to the particular project. These systems enable us to provide our clients with accurate, up-to-date specifications -- and allows you to meet the demanding responsibility of producing specifications in a cost effective and timely fashion.

By implementing a responsive and unique procedure of communication, we facilitate the coordination of plans and specifications. Projects typically begin with a kickoff meeting utilizing a comprehensive checklist prompting discussion about design details and materials to be included. Deliverables vary depending on agreed upon scope of services, but all specifications we produce follow CSI MasterFormat guidelines. If you have any questions about our architectural specification services we offer please contact us today.

Quality Control

Critical to our specification process is quality control. Changes in the design may occur during construction. New materials become available. Through research and experience, our resources are kept up to date to stay in line with latest developments.


Collaboration is key to our success. We pride ourselves on building relationships with leading architectural firms and designers. We also maintain associations with building material manufacturers and stay up to date with current available products. While working jointly with our partners, we have assembled and continue to maintain an impressive database of intelligence in the construction industry. Our combined technical knowledge is an invaluable resource we offer to architects as part of developing comprehensive specifications.

Technical Knowledge

Our depth of experience and the relationships we have forged with prominent leaders in the construction products industry allow us to contribute a vast knowledge of building materials and systems to the design team, ultimately leading to comprehensive design solutions meeting aesthetic goals of the Architect.

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